Directions sent out in November 2016

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Directions sent out in November 2016

Post by kaimon on Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:28 am

Before you begin billing in NCTracks, it will be helpful for you to verify that the Medicaid #s in your software are valid. You can accomplish this with a simple upload as a .csv or .txt file. First, pull the Medicaid ID #’s out of your software package with no other information. Open this file in Excel. It should have 1 column only. Delete the header so that the first row contains the first Medicaid #. Insert a column to the left of the Medicaid #. This new column is for entering a date range. I recommend just entering a recent day. Today is Nov. 15, 2016. To enter today into this column, I enter 20161115-20161115.

Save the file in .csv or .txt format.
Log onto NCTracks. Go to Eligibility Batch Verify

Select the Account, Group, and NPI/Atypical ID from the list.
Select Recipient ID as the Verify By radio button.
Click Load from File
Select Choose File and navigate to the saved .csv or .txt file

The results will show which of your Medicaid ID #’s match and which do not.


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