To do's before submitting

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To do's before submitting

Post by kaimon on Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:32 am

1. Enter the Medicaid #’s into your scheduling software and verify them on the NC Tracks website.
2. Enter the birthdate and phone number for each Medicaid client.
3. If you have received your NPI/Atypical ID, move to the next step
4. Complete the Trading Partner Contact Document
a. If you have not received a Transmitter Supplier Number (TSN), you may have initially enrolled to only submit  single claim. If you want submit batch claims, you will need to complete an enrollment update in the Status and Management section. For Method of Claims Submission, select “submit batch of claims via NCTracks”.
b. Make sure to select Professional Claims 837P and Electronic Remittance 835 in the “Select Transactions that will be tested” section.
5. After submitting the Trading Partner Contact document, you will receive a link that allows you to test the upload file.


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